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A Guide to This Site

This information is typically updated frequently and is intended to keep families and students currently participating in the IB program informed about current events, deadlines, and documents related to the IB program. In addition, typically, diploma and IBCP candidates can get some general information and documents related to their core requirements. Most of this information is now being delivered through Google Classroom or Schoology, but updates are currently underway so that the public can view this information as well. Finally, alumni are encouraged to consult this website from time to time to learn about alumni events and any other helpful information to students. Please note the tabs above to help you navigate this website to meet your individual needs.


IB Testing

Please consult documents below to find out more about IB testing fees and to find the form (request for financial assistance) required for those seeking to set up payment plans or needing financial assistance.  After October 15, parents can track testing fee balances on Power School.  Registration fees are non-refundable after January 15.  The IB testing schedule is available below as published by IB.  Exams given at LSHS are highlighted in blue.  You will notice that some will take place after graduation.  Since IB is an international organization, we have no control over the testing dates.

IB Courses

LSHS offers a variety of IB courses. To learn more about these classes and their prerequisites, please visit the LSR7 Career & Educational Planning Guide.

Communication Arts
IB English A1 HL is a two-year course in which students study texts in-depth for literary analysis, write commentaries, and prepare oral presentations. Students need proficiency in written and oral skills. IB Film can be taken as an SL or HL course. Through the study and analysis of film texts and exercises in film-making, the course explores film history, theory, and socio-economic background.
Fine Arts

IB Visual Arts SL or HL is a studio based art class in which students research art history and are responsible for assignments, including comparative study, process portfolio, and exhibition. The SL course is only available to seniors.

IB Music is designed to develop solo skills through performance, writing skills through composition, and critical analysis through music literature. Students are required to have previous musical training.

IB Math Studies is a course in which students will study the topics of Algebra II in the first year and topics of statistics and probability in the second year. This course is available to students pursuing the IB Diploma.

IB Mathematics SL is a course taken over the span of two years. The first year involves topics including statistical concepts of variance, various functions, trigonometry, vectors and more. In the second year, students will study the fundamental concepts of Calculus. This course is only offered to students in Advanced Studies Algebra II as 10th graders.
Modern Language

IB Spanish SL, IB German SL, IB French SL, and IB Mandarin Chinese SL ab initio are the four modern language courses offered at IB level at LSHS. Students have the option of taking the IB exam. The fifth year of a modern language course is equivalent to IB level.

For IB Mandarin Chinese, only IB Diploma candidates have the option of taking the IB Mandarin Chinese ab initio exam.
Health/Physical Education

IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science (SEHS) SL is an IB elective course and fulfills the Health and Wellness graduation requirement. SEHS incorporates the traditional disciplines of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, physical activity, health, and nutrition, which are studied in the context of sport, exercise and health. This course is not for PE credit.

Practical Arts

IB Information Technology in a Global Society SL is inherently interdisciplinary, emphasizes social/ethical issues, and yet requires enough technical knowledge to make judgments about the use of technology.

IB Business Management SL is a course that covers the key characteristics of business organization and environment and the business functions of human resource management, finance and accounts, marketing, and operations management. This course is recommended for students seeking a career as an entrepreneur/business owner or an entrepreneur/corporate manager.

The IB Environmental Systems and Societies SL course allows students to evaluate the scientific, ethical and socio-political aspects of issues relating to the environment.

In IB Biology HL, students follow the syllabus provided by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Coursework builds upon knowledge gained in Advanced Studies Biology and Advanced Studies Chemistry. The course requires a commitment to a rigorous two-year biology program. In IB Chemistry HL, the student is expected to reason from and apply chemical principles, appropriately choose and manipulate numerous mathematical formulas, and demonstrate competence in the laboratory.
Social Studies

IB History of the Americas HL is a two-year course that will cover U.S. history. The coursework of year one covers history from European contact to 1899 and the coursework of year 2 covers history from 1899 to the present day. Upon successful completion of IB History 12, the requirements will be met for American Government and Modern Global Issues. If a student drops out of IB History after 11th grade, he/she must take American Government and Modern Global Issues.

IB Psychology is an intensive study of the field of psychology. Students will develop an understanding of alternative explanations of behavior and an awareness of how psychological research can be applied for the benefit of humans. Students must have taken or be enrolled in another IB course or have IB coordinator approval. This course can be taken SL or HL.

IB Theory of Knowledge is a required course for IB Diploma Candidates, and IB Coordinator approval is necessary. This is a zero hour class that meets before school the second semester of 11th grade and the first semester of 12th grade. Students will critically reflect on their academic experiences which they will explore through several areas of knowledge. Enrollment in this course is typically limited to diploma candidates.

IB Personal and Professional Skills is a required course for IB Career-related Program students, and IB/IBCP Coordinator approval is necessary. This is a zero hour class that meets before school the second semester of 11th grade and the first semester of 12th grade. Students will develop skills in intercultural awareness, ethical thinking, and critical thinking. These skills will be applied to various contexts, including technologies, communities, environments, and professional settings. Enrollment in this course is typically limited to IBCP students.

IB Diploma

The IB Diploma provides a rigorous (college-level) and balanced program of study welcomed by leading universities worldwide.

The Diploma Programme

Students who commit to pursuing the IB Diploma leave LSHS more than prepared for college and beyond. Students are required to enroll in at least six appropriate IB courses and Theory of Knowledge, complete an Extended Essay, and demonstrate a reflective and balanced approach to Creativity, Activity, and Service experiences.

Program Information for IB Diploma Candidates Agreement of Understanding for Diploma Candidates
Theory of Knowledge & Extended Essay

Theory of Knowledge is a required course for IB Diploma Candidates. Theory of Knowledge delves into what we know and how we know it. The class is held at an average of three times per week before school, and there is some flexibility with the choice of days. Juniors can start thinking about topics, but the Extended Essay will not officially start until their second semester.

Extended Essay Timeline for Class of 24 Extended Essay Guide

CAS enables students to demonstrate attributes of the IB learner profile in real and practical ways, to grow as unique individuals and to recognize their role in relation to others. Students develop skills, attitudes, and dispositions through a variety of individual and group experiences that provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and express their passions, personalities, and perspectives.



The IBCP provides added rigor and added focus on internationalism, research, and service to students choosing to pursue career studies (health, engineering, and technology fields).

The Career-related Programme

IBCP provides a framework of international education that incorporates the vision and educational principles of the IB into a unique program specifically developed for students who wish to engage in career-related learning. The IBCP consists of completing two IB courses, completing the CP core, and completing at least one course from the career-related studies at Summit  Technology Academy.

IBCP at Summit Technology Academy
Personal and Professional Skills & Reflective Project

The purpose of the PPS course is to help coordinate the core components of the IBCP and to explore issues related to professionalism and career-specific issues. The class is held at least once a week during zero hour, and the course meets during the second semester of junior year and first semester of senior year. IBCP students are required to produce an in-depth body of work in which they are to analyze and evaluate an ethical issue discovered through their career-related studies.

Reflective Project Student Guide 2024
Career & Service Learning & Language Acquisition

In service learning, students utilize a research-based approach to engage in service that coincides with previously learned topics from their courses. Additionally, IBCP students must acquire knowledge in a second language. A school course should be used during the junior year. An independent study (not necessarily with a teacher) is an option during senior year. A portion of the language development should pertain to the selected career path.

Checklist Items for IBCP Language Portfolio 2024


Information & Resources

Click on the links provided below to learn more about the IB Program. Please note that the “College Credit” information provided below was compiled in 2013. There is a good chance that college credit for IB courses has continued to grow. Complete an online search for “IB Credit” for any specific university to get the most current information.


Contacts & Communication

If you have any specific questions, please e-mail the LSHS IB Coordinator:


Does your college need your IB transcript? Remember that you selected a college or university in the spring that you tested. Your IB transcript was automatically sent to that school. If you tested last spring, you’ll need to give your school until August to receive and process that transcript, so you might check in with the appropriate official when you get to school in August. If you have changed schools or need another transcript sent, you’ll need to go to You’ll be asked to provide your session code and personal code. Please try to locate this information in your own files, but if you can’t find it, please contact the LSHS IB coordinator ( If a parent contacts the IB coordinator, he or she will be asked to have the student send an email.